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Sue Clemenger mooncat at in-tch.com
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I'd forgotten that I also have sorrel plants.  They come up every year, all
by themselves.  Lovely in salads or in dishes with other (cooked) greens
like spinach tarts and such.  They live in the oak half-barrels, with some
well-behaved peppermint (one barrel) and marigolds (the 2nd barrel).  They
have a pretty awesome taproot, so they like a nice deep pot, and room all to
themselves. They produce leaves all during the growing season, although you
sometimes have to take a whip and chair to them if they bolt (a lot like
spinach, in that regard).

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> I would suggest Sage (reasonably critter safe and chancy to buy),
> parsley, lovage if you can get it (it's a pretty plant but large),
> cilantro if you want to do Andalusian foods, borage, sweet violets,
> sorrel. If you want to do salads, there are more herbs and greens that
> are very useful. You can try growing herbs for their seeds, but that can
> be a picky process and I find it easier to buy anise, mustard, etc.
> seeds commercially-- though yellow mustard seeds, sown broadcast, bring
> up mustard greens quite easily. :)

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