[Sca-cooks] Redactions...credit where credit is due or not due?

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Thu Mar 8 08:06:08 PST 2007

If you're not publishing the recipe and you are only cooking
for friends, why not say something along the lines
"the recipe came from XYZ, but I have been messing about
/improving/adapting/varying/redacting (insert whatever term fits) it in 
the meantime.
Tell me what you think?
It only gets complicated when you publish or put things up on the web. Or if
you are working with another local's pet recipe and they are going to 
take offense
at what you've done with their special recipe.


Ysabeau wrote:
> Ethical question being tossed out there. snipped
> I'll take the recipe and the redaction and use it as a starting point.
> snipped At what point should I not say "this
> period recipe was originally based on a redaction by Lady P  but I've
> modified it based on my interpretation and tastes"? snipped
> I don't cook for anyone but friends so it isn't a huge deal. I want to give
> credit where credit is due...however, at some point I might change it and
> then that person could come back and say "oh no I didn't! That isn't my
> redaction...I would never do such and such!".
> Thoughts?
> Ysabeau

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