[Sca-cooks] peerage vigil spreads?

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Thu Mar 8 11:29:09 PST 2007

Jadwiga Zajaczkowa wrote:
>Hey everybunny, I got a question...
>In your area of the world, how common is it to have a
>buffet/munchies/foodzels for a peerage vigil?
>If you have 'em, what sort of food and how much do people usually

To tell the truth, i have not attended any Laurel vigils. I figure i 
have nothing to say other than "Congratulations", which i can say 
with a hug after their peerage ceremony.

On the other hand, I have provided recipes for peerage vigils in some 
others in other kingdoms, and i finally cooked last year for a double 

What to serve? I lean to finger food from that suits their persona.

When I cooked for a double vigil, i made more food than got eaten.

Here's the menu i made:

BREADS I purchased at a local Persian store
-- Afghan nan
-- Other breads

-- Meat balls (13th c. Andalusian cookbook)
-- Sinab - Mustard Sauce (13th c. Andalusian cookbook)
-- Barida - chicken salad with cucumbers, almonds, and pomegranate 
seeds (9th century Baghdad, by Ibrahim ibn al-Mahdi (i'd never made 
this and was eager to try it out)
-- Torta of Herbs for the Month of May (cheese, greens, and herb pie) (Platina)

-- Lauzinaj (almond paste wrapped in phyllo) (14th c. Book of the 
Description of Familiar Foods)
-- Rutab Mu-assal (Dates stuffed with Almonds and cooked in Honey) 
(14th c. Book of the Description of Familiar Foods)
-- Bizcochos (Hard Cookies) with Orange Flower Water (16th c. Spanish cookbook)

-- Pomegranate syrup (13th c. Andalusian cookbook)
-- Clarea d'Agua (Spiced Honey Water) (16th C. Spanish cookbook)

Urtatim (that's err-tah-TEEM)
the persona formerly known as Anahita

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