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This is the first part of the story from the first page before the pictures:

<Being a jackass got Bam Margera two Lamborghinis, a castle in the rolling
hills of West Chester, Pennsylvania and Missy Rothstein, one of the hottest
fiancees on the planet. The two star in Bam's Unholy Union, the newest and
wildest of MTV's celebrity reality wedding shows. Newlyweds, it ain't! One
reason is the extremely hot, extremely devoted future Miss Margera. How
devoted? Well, it was her idea to arrange a stint as a guest Playboy
photographer as a wedding gift for her betrothed. Bam was happy to oblige.
Missy wanted to shoot outdoors and -- in keeping with the Gothic theme of
Bam's crib -- requested knights in full body armor. Philly in December is
only slightly warmer than the North Pole, and snow flurried before Missy
finished her makeup. While their armor shielded the knights from the
elements, Missy's skimpy leather corset wasn't going to protect her from
frostbite. Those hardships barely fazed Missy; after all, if you live with
Bam Margera, you had better learn to roll with the punches, or at least know
when to duck. Bam and his boys dug a fire pit and boiled a caldron which
threw off some heat. Problem solved. .............>

The Duke Icefalcon and his men majority of the time were backdrop. The
setting was cheesy (small food content for list:) ) It looks like in most of
the photos that the woman is photo shopped in but she isn't and she is
clothed in what looks like a 1970s leather outfit over a lace teddy and
leather chunky boots.


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It wasn't one of the Playmates, it was someone's...lady... She wasn't
nude, just simply strutting her stuff, such as it is.

On 3/10/07, Michael Gunter <countgunthar at hotmail.com> wrote:
> >Playboy spread?
> Evidently one of the playmates did a series of photos
> in which Duke Icefalcon and his household participated.
> I didn't see any where she was nude, if she was.
> It was an...interesting....layout.
> Gunthar

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