[Sca-cooks] Mrs. Claus and the Cookies

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Tue Mar 13 06:08:46 PDT 2007

Well, since I am not a fan of Twinkies and have nothing to add to that
conversation (other than the fact that in a natural foods class I teach we
talk about the Twinkie opened by a scientist in San Francisco many years ago
that is purportedly still showing no signs of decay), I did have something
else OOP and mostly OT to brag about. 


This week I was asked to form an international organization for Mrs.
Clauses.  This is through two professional Santa orgs (AORBS - the
Amalgamated Order of Real Bearded Santas and Santas Across the Globe).
Right now it is just a discussion group on MSN (which I have decided I don't
like nearly as much for group management as Yahoogroups), but a discussion
about forming a more formal organization is underway, with me at the head
(at this point, anyway).  It could be cool, I'm hoping at some point to just
have to travel to Copenhagen because of it ;)  The discussion group is open,
the public can view it - it can be found at :
http://groups.msn.com/MrsClausKitchen.  (If any of you ever don the garb and
play Mrs. C., you are welcome to join us!)


OFC: We have the usual list of pages - Pictures, Messages, Members, and one
more unusual one - Recipes.  Santa Tom in British Columbia set this up, and
since baking cookies is purportedly something all Mrs. Clauses do, we had to
have a place to put them.  I am advocating more for classes in small
business management myself, as the Mrs. C.'s tend to be the ones that handle
the bookings and money.  So far, the only person to contact me about cookie
recipes is a Santa Larry, who is a retired chef and a single guy, so he has
cookie baking workshops in his home prior to the start of the Christmas

Come cookie exchange time this year, I may have to load the site up with
some recipes.  


So there you have it, I bet you don't know anyone else that can say they did
that this week!

Christianna Claus

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