[Sca-cooks] Lent was Re: Test

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 13 07:45:14 PDT 2007

I write an event calendar for parties and celebrity events in LA and NY 
and am trying to figure out why in the world anyone throws a Mardi Gras 
party this late in the year?  Clearly, not observing Lent, but beyond 
that, the cycle is OVER.  It's like scheduling a Christmas party in 
January, just wrong.

I promise not to eat yummies in front of 'Lainie.  <hand over heart>

Perturbed, Selene

Sue Clemenger wrote:
> I'll second you on the caramel and the "@#$%^@&*!!!! four weeks left in
> Lent!"
> Even in period, though, and irregardless of when and where our personae
> would have been doing this, there still would have been people who were
> doing more, or less, than another individual.   The way Maire figures it,
> maybe her neighbors are just particularly lax, and think of her as an
> overly-righteous fasting fool....
> Of course, maybe Sue's neighbors think the same thing <weg>.
> --Maire, having food-porn dreams that involve eating really, really good
> cheeseburgers..... <snip>
>> Caramel... mmm... I love caramel...
>> @#$%^@&*!!!! four weeks left in Lent!
>> 'Lainie
>> -my sweet was musing the other day about how our experience observing
>> Lent is somewhat different from the period experience- folks in
>> period had the moral support of everyone else was doing it too (those
>> who starve together...) but we're oddballs who have to live with
>> Other People eating yummy animal products in front of us and laughing
>> at our faces. There is a special place in hell...

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