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Period or modern or doesn't matter?
Period fish recipes I like include the one for boiled shrimp, and I like one
(Spanish?) for salmon that involves bitter orange juice.  I know there are
many others, but those are the ones I recall off the top of my head, which
is busily eating a green salad with some grilled salmon on it.  Speaking of
grilled salmon, there was a tasty salmon dish, grilled and served cold, if
I'm remembering, and served with, maybe a dill/sour cream sauce? at the
event in An Tir I attended last December.  Lainie may remember it better,
although she was pretty busy that night...
Mundanely, of course, there's stuff like etouffee, or bouillabaise, or
shrimp/firm fish grilled in chunks, and served with southwestern spices and
lime juice.  Or one I enjoy doing is a shrimp version of chicken peanut
curry.  My dad also did a good job with fresh brook trout, rolled in a
little cornmeal and pan-fried in a tidge of bacon grease (we got this when
camping....the trout were *very* fresh!)  I've got my menu saved from this
year's Feast of Seven Fishes, which was ethnic/modern, primarily, and
utterly divine.  The one dish I recall most clearly (at the moment) was a
squid ink risotto....oh, man.....mmmm.....
--Maire, entirely unrepentant food-lover ;o)

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> Renata and I have been talking again about doing a Lenten Fish
> Spectacular.  Maybe next year.  Any favorite fish recipes to recommend?

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