[Sca-cooks] OOP Gold for Food Techniue Questions

Cat . tgrcat2001 at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 15 12:26:24 PDT 2007

Greetings All from Gwen Cat,

All this talk about edible gold leaf comes at the
almost perfect time for me.  I have (not my own
thanks) a Golden Anniversary in the very near future. 
I want to spoil the honorees and drop their jaws
(their guests' too.)  Im had offered to host/cater but
they prefer to do the big event at a local country
club.  I still plan to put as many golden touches on
the event as I can.  That said, Im looking for ideas
as to what I can gild for them.  For a 70th birthday I
did a nut cake, glazed in powdered sugar cocoa powder
and I pasted slivers (rough torn) of gold leaf to the
What are (or where can I learn) the tricks for keeping
the leaf smooth when I aply it?  How can I cut it into
If I want to apply it to a cookie I understand how to
do that (shape the cookie, put edible adhesive on it,
then apply cookie to leaf and the stuff sticks on,
trim the excess.)  What if I want to put gold on a
cracker to float in a soup, or on a salad?  How about
covering the entire cake (it wont be too big, only 6-8
guests) in gold leaf, then adding decorations in dark
chocolate? how do I get it smooth? (or do I?)

I have seen gold leaf in champagne/sparkling wine,
years ago I was gifted with a bottle, that we drank
about 3 years back... do you think I can find another
bottle???  not even on a bet it seems, and yes, I have
called all the major liqour stores in the Denver area,
emailed the 2 online leads I had and come up totally
empty!  Anyhow, is there some trick to getting gold
leaf into small slivers to be placed in the champagne
flute before the wine (sparkling) is poured in, so
that the gold floats and sparkles in the liquid?
I would like to do this in advance, rather than tie up
the service while I sliver gold bits in the hallway as
the wait staff 'wait' impatiently.

I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions and tips!

THANKS and sorry for the out of period distraction
(though Papa G IS gone, and its just us chickens) at
least its on topic for FOOD, and gold is more period
than peeps or twinkies ;-)

In Service and Curiosity
Gwen Cat

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