[Sca-cooks] OOP Gold for Food Techniue Questions

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 16 09:57:21 PDT 2007

Gwen Cat . wrote:
> What are (or where can I learn) the tricks for keeping
> the leaf smooth when I aply it?  How can I cut it into
> shapes?
> If I want to apply it to a cookie I understand how to
> do that (shape the cookie, put edible adhesive on it,
> then apply cookie to leaf and the stuff sticks on,
> trim the excess.)  What if I want to put gold on a
> cracker to float in a soup, or on a salad?  How about
> covering the entire cake (it wont be too big, only 6-8
> guests) in gold leaf, then adding decorations in dark
> chocolate? how do I get it smooth? (or do I?)
> I have seen gold leaf in champagne/sparkling wine,
> years ago I was gifted with a bottle, that we drank
> about 3 years back... do you think I can find another
> bottle???  not even on a bet it seems, and yes, I have
> called all the major liqour stores in the Denver area,
> emailed the 2 online leads I had and come up totally
> empty!  Anyhow, is there some trick to getting gold
> leaf into small slivers to be placed in the champagne
> flute before the wine (sparkling) is poured in, so
> that the gold floats and sparkles in the liquid?
> I would like to do this in advance, rather than tie up
> the service while I sliver gold bits in the hallway as
> the wait staff 'wait' impatiently.
> I would appreciate any ideas, suggestions and tips!
I'm afraid that the big thing you need to do is PRACTICE, which is a bit 
on the pricey side.

Renata and I attended a presentation by Lynn Neuberg, the USA rep for 
Oro Fino brand of edible gold and silver last year.  
<www.easyleafproducts.com>  I bet she would answer your e-mail with 
answers to your questions or at least some direction toward where you 
can learn:  <http://www.easyleafproducts.com/Contacts/Contacts.htm>

The slide show suggested that one hold the gold leaf with extremely 
smooth wooden "tweezers" of bamboo or mahogany [I think, what was that?  
Some opulant wood] and gently smooth it onto the surface of your food 
with a wide fan brush. 

Hope this helps,

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