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Greetings Jennifer,

Like others have said, anyone with an interest in food before 1600 is 
welcome here.

Will you be able to serve hot food, or will your food need to all be 
cold?  Will you have ice so the cold things are truly cold? Will you 
have one basket per person or couple, or one set of baskets for a 
larger group to share?

Will it all need to be done ahead of time, or will there be someone 
for last minute prep? Are there tables or will everyone be sitting on 
the ground? When will this be, what will the weather be like?  How 
many people will you serve?  What kind of budget?

What period is the the theme?  What country?  It is probably best to 
start with a specific time and place.

Here is a article that might be useful  A Pilgrim's Picnic Basket
by Phil Troy (who is on this list, if you have questions)
a picnic of sausage, cheese, oatcakes, quince preserves, and compot 
(a kind of relish).

Also small pies or pasties, which could be served warm or cold. 
Individual servings might be easier to serve. You could make several 
kinds and shape or decorate them differently.
Cold chicken, ham or other cold meat, venison or other game if available.
Mustard or other sauces, fresh fruit, fresh bread,
a salat with fresh herbs and maybe some edible flowers.

Another thing to search for is "dayboard" which is a lunch served 
buffet style. Many of these foods would be suitable for a picnic.

Here is a list of many feasts that  people have served

http://clem.mscd.edu/~grasse/GK_ASnovfeast.htm has nice pictures of 
some individual sweet pastries and confits of various types.
Sugarpaste is period, and can be used to make flowers or other edible 
decorations and even small dishes.

Good luck, please be sure to share the menu you settle on, and tell 
us how it goes.

>Hi Everybody,
>My name is Jennifer and I am new to this list. I am an Australian girl
>living in Brisbane and found this list after spending hours searching the
>net for recipies. I am not an SCA member (yet) so hope it is okay that I am
>The reason I have joined this list is because I need help. My partner and I
>are getting married, we are having a medieval themed wedding/reception and
>have no idea what to serve to our guests. I guess we have made it hard for
>ourselves as wea re not having the normal sit down in a hall type reception
>instead we are having a picnic by a lake in a beautiful piece of Natural
>forest. We want to supply our guests with picnic baskets full of yummy good
>foods and while we are not so strict as to want it all to be correct period
>we do want it to have a medieval theme and fit in with our day.
>Can anybody help me come up with some menu suggestions/recipies.
>thanks in advance
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