[Sca-cooks] Wafer Irons dated 1481

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Ok...I went to the site, but could not find a catalog for the exhibit..only
a book called, "At Home in Renaissance Italy" that appears to seel for over
$100 US!  and goes beyond what a usual catalog does.  I'd certainly be
interested in having a catalog, but can't quite swing that amount.


On 3/18/07, Barbara Benson <voxeight at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Back in December 2006 there was a great deal of discussion
> > about surviving examples of pre 1600 wafer irons.
> > I have come across an example on page 114 of the new volume
> > At Home in Renaissance Italy. It's the V&A catalogue of their
> > exhibit .
> > http://www.vam.ac.uk/vastatic/microsites/1487_renaissance/index.html
> Greetings,
> If you have any interest in the Rennisance Florence or Venice as it
> relates to the function of the home, trade and decorative arts - I
> cannot reccomend the Catalogue for this Exhibit enough.
> The exhibit itself is restricted in duration - but the catalogue is a
> wonder to behold. Not only is it chock full of fabulous photographs of
> all of the pieces on display - there are many fascinating acacemic
> essays regarding the subject of the architecture, contentents,
> business conducted within the home. It is truly fascinating.
> It is kind of expensive to have shipped over - but I do not regret it
> one bit. There is one fascinating dining image that I had never seen
> before, a Marriage Feast at Canna by an unknown Greek-Venitian artist
> after the style of Tintoretto. Among several fascinating elements in
> the painting, there is a first that I had never seen before. One of
> the female serving people (she is in the door of the kitchen) is
> Moorish. I have seen many a Moor in paintings, but never a female in a
> high waisted mid century Italian outfit.
> Glad Tidings,
> Serena da Riva
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