[Sca-cooks] At Home in Ren. Italy was Wafer Irons dated 1481

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too must  chime in that this is a fabulous book. The price that
Amazon is selling it  for is a whopping 37 per cent off the regular price
of $85. The UK price is  45 pounds. So being able to buy it at 53.55
is a bargain. Oh, I should  mention that it weighs so much that there is 
an extra shipping  fee.
It's a massive book! But well worth it. The essay on meals is written  by
Allen J. Grieco.

More of the At Home in Ren. Italy can be found here.  This is my  bookplace 
of choice.
If it is not  any fun, stop doing it. Find something that is fun, and start 
doing it. Life is  too short not to have fun.

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