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Jadwiga Zajaczkowa / Jenne Heise jenne at fiedlerfamily.net
Mon Mar 19 09:49:51 PDT 2007

>     Am I missing something here? Personally, I only deal with Spanish 
> late medieval history. I cut the line with Isabel the Catholic just to 
> round off historical years a bit but as far as food is concerned, I 
> don't stop until I see a definite incorporation of American products. 
> Even so I would be reluctant to cite Granados' cookery book (1599) as a  
> 're-birth in  cookery' due to the few American products mentioned. It 
> appears to me that "Renaissance" in cookery can be defined and that it 
> begins after 1600.

First of all "renaissance" is definitely a pre-1600 term in historical 
studies, though it's not clear what time period is under discussion. 
Most historians do think of medieval as having ended by 1400 though. 
(That's one of the reasons the SCA is wierd.)

>     From what period do we have records of Asian and African cookery?

Er... I believe there are a number of recipes in the Egyptian Pharonic 

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