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Mon Mar 19 10:58:58 PDT 2007

I've gone to the one held here in Bryn Gwlad (Austin, TX) several times. It
is really a great way to pick up some unique, handmade pottery. There is a
wide variety of skill range in the bowls...some are just standard
molds/greenware that are painted then fired, others are handmade from the
clay up.

The auctions are silent auctions with famous artists and people either
painting the bowls or signing bowls that were painted for them. One of the
bowls I saw in the last auction was painted by a famous southwestern artist
with a local gallery. Some are musicians or actors who just signed a bowl
that someone else designed for them.

The way it worked was that there was someone at the front to collect your
$10...each $10 got you one bowl. You were then herded into a room with bowls
piled on tables and you sorted through to pick the one(s) you want. Then you
go through to the next room that had several restaurants serving up a
variety of soup into your bowls. Then you went to the tables out back and
ate your soup. When you were done, there was a washing station to rinse your
bowls and a packing station with newspaper and stuff. On your way out, they
checked your receipt against the number of bowls...or something like that.

This would be a great fundraiser for the Trimaris Soup Kitchen at Gulf
Wars...just a thought! Maybe have various SCA notables paint bowls for a
silent auction...Or, if the facilities are available, have a paint your own
area. You can paint it and then have it fired then on Friday everyone can
come pick up their bowls and have soup...not sure if the facilities would
allow that but I'm not a potter and I don't know what it would take.



On 3/19/07, Susan Fox <selene at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Sharon Gordon wrote:
> > Empty Bowls is a project to reduce hunger.  Potters donate ceramic bowls
> and sother upporters buy a soup and bread meal (donation)and select a bowl
> for their soup.  Sometimes the bowls are auctioned individually prior to the
> meal.  You can see more about how it works here:
> > http://www.emptybowls.net/
> >
> > Something similar (but with a different name so as not to infringe on
> their project) might be fun for an SCA project with the bowls being of
> period designs.
> >
> > Sharon
> > gordonse at one.net
> I seem to recall Master Hroar talking about this a year or two ago. Not
> sure if it caught on or not.  Huette, can you ask him about it?
> Selene
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