[Sca-cooks] Feast nightmare

Warrior Chef Warrior-Chef at earthlink.net
Mon Mar 19 19:48:52 PDT 2007

Time to stop drinking the late night caffeine, and stead go to the cookie jar for a soothing replacement...and neither are worth nightmares...only the absence of caffeine or chocolate should bring nightmares to the forefrontal lobes..
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  It's just the culinary equivalent of the old student nightmare
  where you think that you missed your finals or you've forgotten to attend
  one class during the semester and now you have to take that final..

  Hope the new job works out.


  ranvaig at columbus.rr.com wrote:
  > The feast is still months away, my bid isn't even accepted yet, but 
  > I'm having nightmares about it.snipped
  > It could be worse, I could have had nightmares about the new job, 
  > that I start later today.
  > Ranvaig
  > ________

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