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> Selene mentioned before Gulf Wars:
> <<< The first one I think of,
> particularly for UK consumption, is Fricadella of Fish from Platina,
> which is pretty much identical to fried fish today.  Chips came
> later! >>>
> Can someone post a copy of this recipe? And perhaps their redaction?
> My apologies if someone posted this after Selene's message. I'm still
> rather far behind in reading my messages.

I really should be more careful with conversational posts and quote
properly.  My apologies for my earlier unclarity, and let me offer some
proper period receipts.

I should really be quoting Martino here, rather than his too-ardent admirer
BOOK by The Eminent Maestro Martino of Cuomo, edited and with an
introduction by Luigi Ballerini, translated and annotated by Jeremy Parzen.

Chapter Five covers "How To Make Every Type Of Fritter"

The one on fish is not all that "fish and chippy" but maybe related to
modern croquettes [or maybe crab cakes?].  No eggs, but keep in mind that
this is under a category with Lenten dishes.

"Fish Fritters
"Boil the fish and crush its whitest flesh, and take a little thick almond
milk and a bit of sifted flour with some sugar, and thin all these things
with a little rose water or plain water, then give the fritters any shape
you wish and fry them in good oil."

On the other, non-Lenten hand, a more familiar form of batter is seen here.
Other recipes in the section refer back to this one, so this batter seems to
be usable for various, things, including Laurels, that is, Bay Leaves:

"Sage Fritters
"Take a little sifted flour, and mix it with eggs, sugar, and a bit of
cinnamon and saffron to make it yellow, and take some whole sage leaves and
dredge them one by one in this mixture and fry in rendered lard or good

Okay, are these 15th Century McNuggets?

"Almond Fritters
"Take some blanched and well-crushed almonds and pass them through a stamine
with some rose water and a little milk, and take a boiled pullet breast and
crush separately from the almonds, likewise, a bit of sifted flour, two or
three egg whites as needed, and mix all these things with a little sugar,
give these fritters any shape you wish and fry them slowly in good rendered
lard or butter and make sure you do not overcook them."

Yours in service,
Selene Colfox

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