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Clap is derived from the obsolete French word clapoir meaning sexual sore.
This probably comes from the old French word clapier meaning brothel.

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Sorry, Daniel, but your family story is most untrue, which happens a lot in

Here is what the Oxford English Dictionary says about "Clap":

Clap, n.

[Of uncertain origin. Cf. OF. ‘clapoir, bosse, bubo, panus inguinis’;
‘clapoire, clapier, lieu de
débauche, maladie q'on y attrape’.]

    a. Gonorrha.

1587 Myrr. Mag., Malin iii, Before they get the Clap. a1605 MONTGOMERIE
Flyting 312 The clape and
the canker. 1851 MAYNE Exp. Lex., Clap, vulgar name for the disease
Baptorrha. 1881 in Syd. Soc.
Lex. 1919 Wine, Women & War (1926) 306 Physical examcrabs, cooties and clap.
Scared to death, but
O.K. 1967 A. DIMENT Dolly Dolly Spy iii. 34 Rocky Kilmarry is about as good
for you as a dose of


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> Was written:

That disease was popularly named after him.  His name...  Clap or
> Clapp.
> Daniel

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