[Sca-cooks] Sausages, now vs. then (was TV advice requested)

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Wed Mar 21 00:30:34 PDT 2007

Am Mittwoch, 21. März 2007 07:07 schrieb Stefan li Rous:
> Niccolo suggesteed:
>   <<< Zabaglone is another, though way less ubiquitous.  Sausages now
> versus then? >>>
> Okay, What is different between sausages now versus then? Other than
> the fact that the smoking given to sausages these days is lighter,
> more for flavor than preservation, I'm not sure what the differences
> would be. Some meat differences, more venison sausage then, less
> turkey sausage.

Could be the stuff they put in back then - I mean, sausage with raisins, fish 
sausage, sausage with pine nuts and such aren't that common any more. But 
that topic ios probably more suited to 'how alike they were' than the 
expected 'ewww...' effect. 



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