[Sca-cooks] Sausages, now vs. then (was TV advice requested)

Ysabeau lady.ysabeau at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 08:12:20 PDT 2007

Well, this is just conjectural but I have noticed a big difference in food
handling habits just between the US and other countries. I moved to Northern
Sumatra when I was 12 and realized that our ideas of what needed to be
refrigerated and what didn't were very different from what other countries

For example, mustard and ketchup were always stored in the refrigerator.
Pickles were always stored in the refrigerator after opening. In Indonesia
we learned that they didn't necessarily have to be - however the flour had
to be because the weevils were horrible! In most European and Asian
dwellings, they don't have the refrigerator space that we take for granted
here in the U.S. When I went to the market in Germany, many times the
sausages are hanging in the open air. Here, the sausages are in refrigerated
cases. Granted, the open air in Germany is much cooler than the open air in


On 3/21/07, Sue Clemenger <mooncat at in-tch.com> wrote:
> The only significant difference between current sausage practices (that I
> have personally encountered), and those from the middle ages, is that a
> majority of the current sausages all seem to require refrigeration, even
> the
> cooked/cured ones.  I honestly don't know if this is due more to a
> (perhaps
> cultural) preference for "fresh" sausages, or if it's because of modern
> food-handling habits, but I definitely have that impression.....
> --maire

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