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      Here are a couple of suggestions:
  Candies Made For A Goddess
  This Recipe was written down in ancient Egypt ,1600 BC,and is one of the first recipes ever made!
  Cup of Fresh Dates,
  teaspoon full of cinnamon,
  half teaspoon with cardamom seed,
  Half a cup of fresh Walnuts,
  Little bit of warm Honey,
  Dish full of fine Grinded almonds,
  Mix the Dates with some water to paste.Mix Cinnamon and cardamom seed through the paste.Knead the grinded Walnuts through it.Roll these into candy-sized balls.Spread the candies with honey and then dop these into grinded almonds.These candies are fit for a goddess!
  [old recipe but not known to be period]
  150g[5.29oz.]softened salted butter if unsalted butter is used add a pinch of salt to the recipe.
  125g.[4.409oz.]soft brown sugar or muskovada(?)
  2 medium or large eggs.beaten
  250g[8.81oz]spelt flour,oat flour may be used only if you use large eggs.If you can't get either regular flour will do.
  100g[3.52oz.]hazelnut meal or roughly ground hazelnuts but the outcome feels different.[I am assuming the texture is what is being said here]
  1-2 tbs.aniseed depends on how much you like aniseed,[note: pat said Momo didn't like it so barely a tablespoon is what she would use.]
  1 tsp.powdered cinnamon[ground?]
  1/4 tsp powdered ginger .sometime for holidays use minced candied ginger instead of powdered if you can get them or make them.
  Take the butter and sugar and mix till creamy.Mix in the eggs.In another bowl mix the flour, meal,seeds,and spices.[note:sometimes for holidays Momo would premake the dry stuff saying that it made things taste better.]Then gradually add the flour mixture to the butter and eggs.Roll dough into a log,refrigerate for 20 min. and cut into 1cm.thick slices or roll out to about 1cm thick and cut into bars or use cookie cutters,Place on cookie sheet.Take your thumb and press it into the middle of the cookie to make an impression and bake for 20-25 minutes,150c[300f]they should not be brown or brown edged.If the thumb print should happen to disappear in the baking one can always make it immediatly after removing from the oven.[this sounds like a lession in masochism,best one hopes the thumb print doesn't disappear.:)]
  Momo is Italian but Pat said that Momo was taught to make them from her mom who got the recipe from a neighbor who got it from someone.I was told that sometimes a dollop of orange marmalade,red current jelly or raspberry jelly would be put in the indentation.I think"dumkes"means "thumbs"in freise but not sure.
  Bright Blessings

From: "Christina Nevin" <cnevin at caci.co.uk>
Subject: [Sca-cooks] Suggestions requested for an afternoon tea

Hi everyone,

One of my foodblogger friends is instituting a cookbook cooking club - 
the idea is we get together once every other month to cook Saturday 
lunch together from a selected cookbook. I'm hoping I can get them to do 
one of my medieval ones at some point. :-) 

Anyway, to start off with we're having an afternoon tea next Saturday 
to go over everyone's books, and I need to bring a plate. So I'm looking 
for suggestions for a sure-fire hit dish that can be nibbled on while 
sitting around drinking tea and reading books, I.e. small, easily 
portable (it's a 2 hour trip on public transport for me to her place) and not 
too messy. I'm not the world's greatest at baking or pastry goods (and 
will admit usually use pre-made pastry) but am willing to give them a 
whirl. These are foodies so anything unusual is not going to scare them, 
in fact it will just make them even more enthusiastic!

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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