[Sca-cooks] seal-a-meal clones

Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 21 12:15:12 PDT 2007

you are supposed to use those for FOOD?   OH!!

actually, I use my seal-a-meal clone to package everything ... want clean, 
dry socks on day six of Pennsic;  first aid kit ... clean and sandless on 
day 3 of Estrella when I needed it to be clean and sandless.

in all honesty I use it for food too.  I buy meat in big packages and it 
freezer-burns less often if vacu-sealed.  My inner cook is still preparing 
meals for nine even though I am only feeding three, so beef stew, country 
pork and mushroom soup, spaghetti sauce, hunters steak, shortbread, pumpkin 
cookies ... all find their way into vacu-sealed bags and into the freezer.  
Come Billiards night, the youngest can pull a bag of chicken teriyaki out of 
the freezer, drop it in the microwave on defrost for a few minutes, cook fro 
another few minutes, snip the end of the bag off and eat it directly from 
the bag with a spoon, throw the empty away.  He can then find a bag of 
frozen chocolate chip cookie dough balls that he can either  bake if he 
wants to or eat as-is.

Yep, I use the heck out of the seal-a-meal clone.

Hint … don’t use it for bread unless you have the option of sealing without 



Jo (Georgia L.) Foster
jo_foster81 at hotmail.com

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