[Sca-cooks] Camp cooking experiment a success

Colin MacNachtan dcm at mccr.org
Wed Mar 21 12:39:01 PDT 2007

On Wednesday 21 March 2007 2:07 pm, Michael Gunter wrote:
> I wouldn't have tried any kind of pie or easily squishable item
> because it does squeeze it a bit. I wonder how they did the
> "pot pie" item. The cobbler I can see.

As one of the members of the camp in question, I can answer that.  We froze 
everything before we vacuum-sealed it.  All the food was actually taken 
frozen in a cooler with dry ice in it.

Our menu for the week included:

The mentioned chicken cordon bleu pie (chicken, ham, blue cheese)
Green bean quiche
Broccoli casserole
Steak and mushroom pie
Sausage/cheese pie
This year none of the "pies" had an actual bottom pie crust.  The crust was 
deemed not necessary.  Some had crust toppings, others had biscuit or bread 
crumb toppings.

Chili - frozen in blocks, then vacuum-sealed and boiled.  To serve, clip the 
bag to the side of a big empty pot and scoop out with a ladle.  No serving 
dish required.

Girl Scout omelets - raw eggs and omelet fixings in a bag, frozen and sealed, 
then boiled on site.  They came out much better than expected.

Bryn Gwlad

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