[Sca-cooks] Camp cooking experiment a success

Sam Wallace guillaumedep at worldnet.att.net
Wed Mar 21 20:25:11 PDT 2007


I used this idea - with fresh ingredients - for our breakfasts.

> Girl Scout omelets - raw eggs and omelet fixings in a bag, frozen and
sealed, then boiled on site.  They came out much better than expected.

I did not freeze everything, but used fresh ingredients. Usually, the
results were served in a tortilla. Cleanup was to was one skillet a few
times over the course of the week as I browned a couple of days' worth of
sausage and/or bacon at a time. It also worked great for getting rid of
leftovers as I could mince them and include them in the bags. I also found
that it was easy to accommodate specific tastes/dietary requirements by
encouraging camp members to write their orders on the outside of the freezer
bags the night before. For example, I had two individuals who did not want
eggs, so they got extra cheese and hash browns. Typical ingredients were
(besides the leftovers) eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage, and cheese. We
almost certainly will be using this again next year.

I took a clay roaster along and had very good luck with it in camp. Next
year, I will use it more. Finally, there is a wood oven at the Green Dragon
Inn that the folks there opened for communal use. We baked a couple of
loaves of herb bread in it.

Guillaume des Pyrenees

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