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Wed Mar 21 22:28:12 PDT 2007

>sorry top posting here.
>I want to see the original cause laulicht makes no
>sense to me either but it may be an odd letter, and I
>will check my dictionary at home too.  As for some of
>your others, here goes:
>zeh - tough
>netz - moisten (from benetzten)
>nider - down (as in a soufflee will deflate)
>artlich - beautifully

>quibble - nimb ein stuck salmon means take a PIECE OF
>salmon  not one that has been stuck such as on a spit

I had left "stuck" as untranslated. Of course its piece, I missed 
that. Thanks for the help.

>einger?rtes  (sorry cant tell what the ? character is
>so Im not sure where to go with this one)  I wonder if
>it is eingeruertes (u with umlaut?) in which case it
>means stirred about or stirred in.  Like scrambled
>eggs with ham and onion stirred in?

It was u umlaut, I knew the root was stirred, but wasn't sure the 
exact translation. Scramble is probably as good as anything.

>as for the f and s in the fractur schrift.  if you
>look carefully the f has a tiny line across it, the s
>does not.
>fez is a small sliver of something (paper can be zer
>fetzt - shredded, torn very small)
>setz or sez is to set (or sit) something down.

I don't have the original, but am aware how easy it is to confuse S and F.
Its something you do with a pie crust, so set seemed more reasonable than torn.
That recipe had more "typos" than most, I wonder if the original page 
was illegible?

>Hope that helps, I will try to look up the other two
>as I get a chance. 
>If you like I would be happy to go over any other
>translations you have done, but I seem to be working
>from a different version of word, so I get ? instead
>of some of the speciatly characters.

Like I said, the translations are still a little rough.  When I get a 
little farther, I'd love other eyes to go over it.

Did you see the soups I posted here:
(I've made a few small changes since then, I'll have to update it, 
but not tonight)


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