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Thu Mar 22 22:46:12 PDT 2007

>Thanks for the fun discussion Giano, Bear, Master A,
>and of course Ranveig for starting all this!

Thanks to everyone for the help!!

I've updated all the Spanish Pie recipes and posted them here:

And also uploaded my working glossary.  If you have time to look it 
over and comment, I'd be MOST appreciative.  Where appropriate, 
modern German is in parentheses. (This started as a list of spices, 
and there are still a few words on it that are not in Rumpolt).

>YEP, I think that hits it on the head.
>I checked the copy of Rumpolt I have and it realy is
>laulicht, no T in the middle so I withdraw the lauter
>itea and agree with Lau , as in lukewarm as the basis.

I found another recipe that uses the word "warm", so I think lukewarm 
is the right translation.
(Use the link above for the German version, so the umlauts show properly).

62. Spanish fritters to make from Beef marrow.  Take a fair flour/ 
warm water/ and a little salt/ make a dough from it/ wash the hands 
clean/ and work the dough well/ an hour or one and a half/ until it 
loosens itself from the table and hands/ push it separately/ until 
thin as a paper/ and make such leaves twenty or thirty/ cut fresh 
unsalted bacon small/ and melt it nicely cool/ Take with a clean 
brush and spread on each leaf/ especially with the bacon/ lay each 
over the other.  Take apple/ small black raisins/ cinnamon and sugar 
over each other/ then take the marrow/ and scrape clean with a knife/ 
and cut it nicely small/ stir the apples and raisins together/ and 
wrap in the dough/ that you have prepared/ cut up with a pastry 
wheel/ and when you will do them in the oven/ then paint them with 
egg yolk/ and look that you do not burn them/ sprinkle with white 
sugar/ and give warm on a table/ like this it is delicate and good.

This makes me wonder exactly the difference between Spanish pies and 
Hungarian tarts.


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