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Sat Mar 24 10:32:52 PDT 2007

>At 9:20 AM -0700 3/24/07, Cat . wrote:
>my priority today has to be prepping food for a
>friends vigil this evening.

I hope that all goes well

>Tomorrow I will sit down and make notes and send them
>your way (if thats ok with you)

Of course, do it when  you have time.

>  But Im totally impressed!


>--- Volker Bach <carlton_bach at yahoo.de> wrote:

Through the wonders of the internet, I got Cat's reply but still 
haven't seen your message yet.
>  > eingebrennt may designate something like the modern
>  > 'Mwehlschwitze', a roux
>>  variant, rather than baking. I still haven't figured
>>  it out completely

Usually it refers to flour added to a sauce, but also to dough and 
oatmeal soup.
>  > a 'gescharb' is a pottery container, some kind of
>  > shallow bowl.

Gesharb is an apple or almond sauce served with meat, but I haven't 
found a description or recipe.  It could be named after the dish.

>  > Karwenada is a variant of Carbonado, also Karbanart,
>>  Karbenart and Karwanart.
>>  Did I send you the de Rontzier chapter translation
>  > on those?

No, I haven't seen that.

>  > Pouesen is a variant of Pavesen, Povesen, Pavisen.
>>  Literally it means a large,
>>  square infantry shield, in culinary terms these are
>>  baked slices of white
>  > bread or cake with a sweet topping

In these recipes, they are two slices of bread with a filling, 
sometimes dipped in egg, and then  fried.

>  > Priseindel may be de Rontzier's Preseindel - I don't
>>  know the origins of this,
>>  but it designates a souplike boiled meat dish made
>>  with thin strips of meat
>>  boiled in broth with herbs.

The only reference is "Auch Priseindel vom Salm", no further description.

>  > I think 'Rolen' is a misprint for 'Kolen' - the
>  > coals or glowing embers.

It occurs in several places, but coals makes sense in all of them.

>  > That's all I can help you weith right now, I'm
>  > afraid

Thank you both, this is wonderful help!


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