[Sca-cooks] clean milk?

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 > Rosettes!  They are Swedish.  I make these around Christmastime.  I
 > never really found documentation for working them with dipped irons
 > like this but I think Huette has.

 > From Rumpolt, Ein new Kochbuch, Von allerlei Gebackens

5. Mach ein Teig mit Wein und Eiern an/ oder mit
lauter Milch. Sto? den Messing Model

5. Make a dough with wine and eggs/ or with clean
milk. Push the brass mold (pattern)<SNIP>

Ranvaig >>>

"with *clean* milk" ???

Huh? As opposed to what? Dirty milk? Sour milk?

Stefan > > > > > > >

Mayhaps we should return to the recent thread regarding lukewarm water??
Could this be another reference to lukewarm?

niccolo difrancesco

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