[Sca-cooks] clean milk?

Terry Decker t.d.decker at worldnet.att.net
Sun Mar 25 04:32:34 PDT 2007

>5. Mach ein Teig mit Wein und Eiern an/ oder mit
>lauter Milch.
>"with *clean* milk" ???
>Huh? As opposed to what? Dirty milk? Sour milk?

Pure might be a better translation.  Rumpolt uses
"lauter" about eggs, almonds, water, blood, wine,
butter, lemon juice, "Rosensaft" rose juice, and
broth after it has been strained or skimmed.

And uses "geläutert" - purified, about sugar and syrup.


La:utern can also mean strain or clarify.


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