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Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Sun Mar 25 11:51:28 PDT 2007

Ah yes Andrew Smith, of course!
That might well be why I suggested that book at 9:43 AM --

There is a book titled Souper Tomatoes The Story of America's Favorite Food
by* *Andrew F. Smith

Now having the time to look at said book, I can
report that he cites a circa 1770 recipe from the Horry
papers that makes concentrated tomato sauce that is
then used for soups. There are a number of 19th century recipes
including an 1824 one from Cooke's Cookery and Confectionary.
Another appears in Lee's Cook's Own Book in 1832.


otsisto wrote:
> Maybe the answer lies in here?
> Andrew F. Smith's Souper Tomatoes
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> Dunno...the recipes I've got are all quite modern (late 20th century),
> although, *somewhere* I've got my grandma's recipe for Tomato Soup Cake,
> which dates back to the 30s.
> --Maire, who loves her some tomato soup, but not in an SCA
> context....mmmm....I wonder how it would be, made with almond milk.....
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>> So, even though it is post-period, when does tomato soup start to
>> show up in cookbooks?
>> Stefan

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