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Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Sun Mar 25 16:52:12 PDT 2007

Oh anything will freeze if you get it cold enough.  But most of us don¹t
have freezers that go as low as  -114.3 °C!

For frozen desserts with wine as an ingredient:  the rule of thumb is to for
not more than ten percent of the total liquid volume to be actual unreduced
wine.  I wish I could find the sherry ice cream I made once, many years
ago... I think it might have been for Adelaide's wedding shower, which kind
of dates that.  

I offer a recipe from Amaretto di Saronno's old cooking pamphlet.  I assure
you, this works.


2 cups water

3/4 cups sugar

Grated rind and juice of 1 lemon

1/2 cup amaretto liqueur

2 egg whites

In a saucepan, combine water and sugar.  Bring mixture to a boil and boil it
for 5 minutes.  Remove from heat and stir in lemon rind and juice and
amaretto.  Pour mixture into a freezer container and freeze until mushy.  In
the meantime, beat the egg whites until very stiff.  Pour into a bowl and
beat until smooth. Fold in beaten egg whites, then put the whole mixture
back into the freezer container and freeze until hard.

Yours in service to your taste buds,

On 3/25/07 4:34 PM, "Huette von Ahrens" <ahrenshav at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hmmmm... I am sure that the scientists on this lists will say for sure, but I
> was given to
> understand that alcohol doesn't freeze.
> I hope that Selene comments on this because she has a lot of experience with
> sorbets.
> Hers are very yummy!
> Huette
> --- Diane & Micheal Reid <dmreid at hfx.eastlink.ca> wrote:
>> I do like the last line on the beer sorbet, it more or less asnwers the
>> question on making frozen things containing wines or beers.
>>  Cealian
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>>> We tried making ice cream one year in the War, but we didn't have
>>> the ice cream bowl sufficiently cold.  This is of course the problem
>>> that they encountered in the Renaissance when working with ices.
>>> It's all related to making things cold. See Elizabeth David's Harvest
>>> of the Cold Months for the information. I'm afraid I've never purchased
>>> the old fashioned ice cream maker that uses salt and ice.
>>> There are dozens of sorbet recipes including beer sorbet at
>>> http://www.hungrymonster.com/recipe/recipe-search.cfm?Course_vch=Sorbet&ttl=
>>> 176
>>> Johnnae
>>>>  Yes I have tried to making a wine sherbert, didn`t actualy freeze but
>>>> was
>>>> enjoyed by all. Course then again I cheated and used  an icecream
>>>> machine.
>>>> Never actualy became a sherbert, sort of became a huge slushy, more
>>>> liquid
>>>> then ice.
>>>>  Cealian
>>>> . Has anyone tried to freeze something like that with wine? Will the wine
>>>> freeze or just get slushy?
>>>> Just my thoughts,
>>>> Ysabeau

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