[Sca-cooks] Soup Peddler

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Mon Mar 26 20:44:00 PDT 2007

Ysabeau mentioned:
<<< I am blessed in Austin to have someone called the Soup Peddler  
who is kind
of the hippie version of the soup nazi of Seinfeld fame. He started off
making soups and delivering them by bicycle but, as happens, the  
has expanded and he now delivers soup, entrees, and quiches all over the
city. >>>

Yes, I remember reading an article in the paper when he first  
started. However, he was on the other side of town and since his  
delivery area was so limited I figured I wouldn't be able to make use  
of the info.  This is the first info I've heard about him since then.

<<< http://www.souppeddler.com/ for anyone in Austin who is  
interested. He also
has entertaining "Soup News From Around the World" on occasion. >>>

Thanks, I'll have to check this out.

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