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<<< If you can stand the wait and are willing to go to a chain,  
Pappadeaux is
great.  They specialize in Creole and Cajun flavors and generally  
have really
good fresh seafood.>>>

Yes, after Trulucks, which I've never been to, Pappadeaux would be my  

> On 3/27/07, Saint Phlip <phlip at 99main.com> wrote:
>> Got a friend (non-SCA) heading down to Austin on business next week,
>> and is wanting some restaurant suggestions. She particularly likes
>> seafood, non-Red Lobster type. Any suggestions?

If your friend is looking for Austin-style restaurants, seafood would  
not be my choice. If they are interested in something that is more  
Austin, I would recommend some good Tex-Mex, of which their are  
numerous good choices, and a few bad ones. Trudy's would be a good  
choice. For something, er out of the ordinary, I'd choose Chuy's.  
Hubcaps on the ceiling, Bits of Mexican/Austin oddities as  
decoration. Definitely not a "serious", solemn restaurant.

For a very highly rated interior of Mexico cuisine, as opposed to Tex- 
Mex, I would recommend Fonda San Miguel. Very good food and  
apparently nationally known. Their Sunday brunch is fabulous, but  
even my doctor-brother was a bit taken back by the price when we went  
there for a family outing, not knowing how much it would be.   I  
think the Sunday Brunch was about $24, but probably the best interior  
Mexican food I've ever had.  http://www.fondasanmiguel.com/

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