[Sca-cooks] English books on 17th c. French Chocolate Drinking

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Wed Mar 28 12:18:55 PDT 2007

There are a number of 17th century books on chocolate that were printed in
England. These include translations of earlier works in other languages:

Chamberlayne, John, 1666-1723.
/The Natural history of coffee, thee, chocolate, tobacco in four several 
sections : with a tract of elder and juniper-berries, shewing how useful 
they may be in our coffee-houses : and also the way of making mum, with 
some remarks upon that liquor / collected from the writings of the best 
physicians, and modern travellers./, London : Printed for Christopher 
Wilkinson ..., 1682.
Date: 1682

Colmenero de Ledesma, Antonio.
/Chocolate, or, An Indian drinke by the wise and moderate use whereof, 
health is preserved, sicknesse diverted and cured, especially the plague 
of the guts, vulgarly called the new disease ... / written originally in 
Spanish, by Antonio Colminero of Ledesma ... ; and faithfully rendred in 
the English by Capt. James Wadsworth./, London : Printed by J.G. for 
Iohn Dakins ..., 1652.

Colmenero de Ledesma, Antonio.
/A curious treatise of the nature and quality of chocolate. VVritten in 
Spanish by Antonio Colmenero, doctor in physicke and chirurgery. And put 
into English by Don Diego de Vades-forte/, Imprinted at London : By I. 
Okes, dwelling in Little St. Bartholomewes, 1640. Also in full text on 

and last but not least Dufour--
Dufour, Philippe Sylvestre, 1622-1687.
/The manner of making of coffee, tea, and chocolate as it is used in 
most parts of Europe, Asia, Africa, and America, with their vertues / 
newly done out of French and Spanish./, London : Printed for William 
Crook ..., 1685.

This shows up in a full text version on EEBO-TCP so it can even be 
keyword searched.


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