[Sca-cooks] Kudos to Bear!

silverr0se at aol.com silverr0se at aol.com
Fri Mar 30 14:11:40 PDT 2007

Last Saturday was Caid's Bi-Yearly A&S Pentathlon, where I was one of the culinary catagory judges. Guess what I found amongst the Bread catagory documentation?
Our List's very own Bear is now a Source! 
Since I have had more than one insightful bread hint from Bear over the years, I was able to say to my fellow judges (not on this list) "that if Bear says it, it's good enough for me." IIRC, it was about using a sponge to start your bread, and the contestant had found it through the Florilegium - which has itself also started appearing in our Documentation.
 So congrats to Both Bear and Stefan!
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