[Sca-cooks] Bread and butter issues

Volker Bach carlton_bach at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 31 07:57:44 PDT 2007

Something I just came across doing research on

A Middle Low German guide to table manners dated to
the fourteenth century, originally published by A.
Lübben in Germania 21, 1876m pp. 424-430. I'm working
on getting my hands on the original data, right now
I'm going from a reprinting in Endermann, H.: So du zu
tische wollest gan, Union Verlag Berlin, 1991. 

Some very good stuff in there, I'm hoping to get to
grips with it more intimately. THe sentence that
struck me was: 

Du enscalt nicht de botteren planeren mit dem dumen
uppe din brot alse ein Vrese

You shall not spread the butter over your bread with
your thumb like a Frisian.

Butter apparently was provided as a kind of condiment
at table (the text speaks of adding it to spoon
dishes, and coordinating this with your fellow diner),
and I wish I knwew whether the author here
disapprocves of the combination with bread, the
spreading, or the use of the thumb. 

Nifty. I like the last days of being sick - time for
research, not too much fever. 


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