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Waves HI,

sorry for the delayed reply, it took this contingent
of the Outlands crew a bit longer to get home.  We
lost the clutch 30 miles west of Topika and were happy
to be rescued by AAA, one of Kansas' finest, and an
Outlands export in shining armor.  We arrived home
safe, sound, but late and tired and 27 hours behind
schedule at 11 pm last night.

It was WONDERFUL to see everyone (waves back at
Kateryn, Gwen, Gwynneth, Cariadoc, everyone!), the
classes were way too much fun, Im soooo sorry to have
missed the vinegar one, I have sooo wanted to start
some of my own (pouts.)  The food was yummy and the
old and new friendships even better (and thats saying
A LOT!) 

I would appreciate feedback (offlist, as not to
clutter this one,) on both the cookbooks and the hands
on class I did, and if anyone is posting or webbing
their handouts please share the information here.

In Service (had a great time but happy to be home)
Gwen Cat 

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> We had excellent weather.  Wonderful selection of
> classes to choose from (I kept hearing complaints
> all day long about how people had to make choices
> because so many wonderful classes were scheduled
> opposite each other).  We had six tracks of cooking
> classes - so this was bound to happen.  
> We had wonderful food.  Duke Cariadoc was absolutely
> wonderful as our lunchtime keynote speaker.  And I
> heard his class was extremely well attended also.  
> We had a turnout of over 100 people for this
> single-interest event. And I believe we had people
> attending from at least seven kingdoms (Ansteorra,
> Artemisia, Caid, Gleann Abhann, Middle, Northshield,
> Outlands) There may have one or two more kingdoms in
> attendence, but it wasn't too shabby of attendence
> for a non-major war event.
> The pot-luck feast was tremendous.  There was too
> much food (of course!).  We're cooks - our goal is
> to feed everyone way too much food.  I was glad I
> took a very small plate - I wouldn't of been able to
> walk away from the feast table otherwise.  It was
> good.  Very very good.
> I got to renew my friendship with Gwen-Cat and catch
> up on her house adventures.  I got to take some
> great classes - the one taught by Mistress Agnes
> (formerly Calontir, very recently of Outlands) on
> plant confusions.  She showed photos of plants that
> have the same name and were widely different in
> appearance. And talked about plants are known by the
> same name in the middle ages but bears no
> resemblence.  It was wonderful knowledge to
> accumulate to see where the plant names diverge or
> merge or get renamed along the way from their
> appearance in a medieval recipe to modern times.
> I wanted to take the class on humoral theory
> presented by one of our up and coming cooks (HE
> Caillin) in Calontir, because I feel I don't know
> near enough about this subject which so dominated
> cooking in the 14th and parts of the 15th century
> throughout Europe.  I wanted to take the vinegar
> class - because I understand students were presented
> with ways to start their own vinegar mothers(sp?). 
> I did take the potatoe puzzlement class.  It was
> based on a recipe from the Rumpolt collection
> (taught by Gwen Cat - Hi!!!) Each student made their
> own variation of the recipe.  The results all tasted
> good - and were in some cases quite dissimiliar. 
> But tasty.  
> I look forward to the next cooking symposium..
> Kateryn de Develyn

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