[Sca-cooks] Home cooked alternatives - Eatihng habits

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Wed May 2 18:28:22 PDT 2007

    Your ideas are wonderful but careful. My kids say I am the worst of 
the cooks for changing menus. It really is humorous. For the first dish 
one day I offered a salad. It was pure cilantro instead of a salad with 
a bit of cilantro. It was disgusting. I passed my plate to my son who 
passed it to his father and we passed it to the trash! My kids explain 
how I over do changes cause we are so mundane on a daily basis I do try 
to be more exotic but as you say freezing things over the week-end is 
great so we can have something more romantic on week-days. That works 
great in our house. Whooh I think sweet potatoes a dish perfect with 
white sauce..
     As far as dining is concerned we are religious about that in our 
Hispanic world. We have one meal a day with the family per day. It 
really got to me one summer in the states when I left my very best 
friend's house her daughter was eating a pizza on the living room floor, 
her son was eating something in his bedroom and she had her canned tuna 
in the kitchen. My son always fixes something for supper and we eat it 
informally together and I do something for the big midday meal as we can 
have that.
     It is our form of communication. Those sit down sessions are so 
important to me for I  explain to my  husband how much I love him and 
each of my children and they chew me out for serving a meal that stinks 
when appropriate but we renew our love!

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