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>Certainly your posted recipe is OOP (though quite yummy), but Mac
>& Cheese OOP?   Naw.  I have a period reference for Macrows circa
>1390 that was served at the Court of Richard II.  Anyone else
>found any period Mac & Cheese since I posed this question to the
>list several years ago?

>Akim Yaroslavich



Compiled, about A.D. 1390, by the Master-Cooks of King RICHARD II,:


Take and make a thynne foyle of dowh. and kerve it on peces, and cast
hem on boillyng water & seeþ it wele. take chese and grate it and
butter cast bynethen and above as losyns. and serue forth.


Para hazer macarrones, vulgarmente llamados fideos -- To make macaroni,
vulgarly called "fideos"
Source: Granado, 1599
Translation: Brighid ni Chiarain (Robin Carroll-Mann

Take two pounds of flour, and one pound of grated white bread passed through
the colander, and knead it with fat broth that 
is boiling, or with water, adding four beaten egg yolks to mix with the
dough, and when the dough is made, in such a manner 
that it is not very hard, nor too soft, but that it has its perfection, and
sprinkle both [sides of] the cheese grater with 
the best of the flour, and put the paste upon the grater, and make the
fideos, and not having a grater make them upon a 
board, drawing the fideos [the length of] three fingers thinly, and put the
least flour that you can, so that they remain 
more tender, and have a care that you do not feed it again, in such a manner
that it becomes too soft or liquid, and when 
they are made let them rest a little while, and then make them cook in fat
broth that boils, or in water in a wide vessel, 
and when they are cooked, fit them on plates with grated cheese, and with
fresh buffalo cheese (which in Italy is called 
probatura) which is not very salty, also grated, and with sugar, and
cinnamon, and morsels of fresh cow's butter upon the 
plates, in turn, the one and the other, and let it baste on the plate over
the hot ashes.


Lady Anne du Bosc

Known as Mordonna The Cook

Mka Pat Griffin

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