[Sca-cooks] Period mac & cheese

Kathleen Madsen kmadsen12000 at yahoo.com
Fri May 4 19:30:22 PDT 2007

> Certainly your posted recipe is OOP (though quite
> yummy), but Mac
> & Cheese OOP?   Naw.  I have a period reference for
> Macrows circa
> 1390 that was served at the Court of Richard II. 
> Anyone else
> found any period Mac & Cheese since I posed this
> question to the
> list several years ago?
> Akim Yaroslavich

Many years ago now back in the West a friend and I
made Macrows on-site one afternoon.  Emma did the
noodles and I did the cheese.  Turned out quite yummy
and people were amazed that we could do both the
noodles and cheese outside while camping.  We didn't
tell them that these two things are probably some of
the *easiest* things to make while camping.


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