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Akim asked if we had come across any mention of macaroni and cheese in the
Medieval corpus, so I sent the one he referred to (the one supposedly
prepared for Richard II) and Brighid's translation of the Granado recipe.  I
HAVE tried the one from Forme of Cury, but I have not tried the other.  I
wouldn't even know where I might lay my hands on fresh buffalo cheese. :-)

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in your post you mentioned that the Italians called it
(fresh buffalo cheese)probatura.

you said grated?

was the information you used the translation of what
was said?

(reason -- curiousity and the fact that I worked in
Naples area for 7 years LOVE mozzarela di bufala,
which is fresh buffalo milk cheese, and cannot figure
grating it -- even after 3 days which is the last day
it is considered fresh)

Arianwen ferch Arthur
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