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> Yet again I have found a dead  end.  I have found many remarks about a
> dutch  cookbook by Annie Van't  Veer.  Is there a title?  It seems to be
> the  authority on dutch  pancakes.  The recipes I have found are all the
> same, and simply  refer to  this "cookbook". I was hoping to find both
> the cookbook and the  original work  that was translated.  Any ideas?

Found this post from 1996 on the rec.food.historic list. I'll bet this is 
the cookbook you're looking for:

I was pruning my cookbook collection over the weekend, and it turned out
that there was exactly one historical cookbook that I was getting rid
of. Would anybody like a copy of:

        Annie van't Veer
        Oud-Hollands Kookboek
        1966, Prisma Boeken
        Paperback, 190 pp.
        In Dutch.

It is divided into three sections (about the late Middle Ages, the
Golden Age, and the eighteenth century), and has illustrations and
recipies in the old spelling.

...and here's a site in Holland that appears to have a copy for sale:


toodles, margaret

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