[Sca-cooks] final report out on the bagel/pretzel experiment

Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Mon May 7 08:02:41 PDT 2007

Both batches of dough were removed from the fridge and allowed to come to 
room temperature and rise.

Each batch of eight was separated into two groups of four and four.

One group of four was rolled into a 12 inch rope, the ends of the rope 
joined to form a circle, and allowed to rise to double.

One group of four was rolled into a 20 inch rope and folded into a pretzel 
shape and allowed to rise to double

The oven was set to 400 and the missionary pot was set to boil.

Each group of four was then put to boiling water.  I expected them to sink.  
They floated.  hmn ... that was odd.  So I boiled them for 2 min, flipped 
them and boiled for another 2 min.  I then drained them and put them on a 
baking sheet.  No mention in either recipe of greased or un, so I left the 
baking sheet ungreased.

Each batch was then baked for 20 min.

Some of each was then presented to the testers.  Test subjects were one 
pre-teen, one teenager, one non SCA adult male and one self-professed bread 

The wild yeast was more believable as a bagel.  It produced a softer bread 
with a sweeter taste.  My daughter thought that it was very similar to the 
egg-bread that I make.

The dry yeast was more believable as a pretzel. It was more firm with more 
textue, which surprised me, because going in to the process I was assuming 
the opposite.  My wild yeast breads have always been firmer than my dry 
yeast breads.

Both were pronounced extremely yummy.  Chances are better than average that 
one or both will make an appearance in the camp-box at Uprising.



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jo_foster81 at hotmail.com

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