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I am definitely interested, as I am of Dutch ancestry and have a Dutch 

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>--On Sunday, May 06, 2007 7:58 PM -0400 Aldyth at aol.com wrote:
> > Yet again I have found a dead  end.  I have found many remarks about a
> > dutch  cookbook by Annie Van't  Veer.  Is there a title?  It seems to be
> > the  authority on dutch  pancakes.  The recipes I have found are all the
> > same, and simply  refer to  this "cookbook". I was hoping to find both
> > the cookbook and the  original work  that was translated.  Any ideas?
>Found this post from 1996 on the rec.food.historic list. I'll bet this is
>the cookbook you're looking for:
>I was pruning my cookbook collection over the weekend, and it turned out
>that there was exactly one historical cookbook that I was getting rid
>of. Would anybody like a copy of:
>         Annie van't Veer
>         Oud-Hollands Kookboek
>         1966, Prisma Boeken
>         Paperback, 190 pp.
>         In Dutch.
>It is divided into three sections (about the late Middle Ages, the
>Golden Age, and the eighteenth century), and has illustrations and
>recipies in the old spelling.
>...and here's a site in Holland that appears to have a copy for sale:
>toodles, margaret
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