[Sca-cooks] Latest on the birdies- OT

Saint Phlip phlip at 99main.com
Tue May 8 10:11:21 PDT 2007

Well, the latest on the flock ;-) My girls gave me a new record- a
dozen eggs today ;-) Definitely looks like the new youngsters are
laying- thought they were because of the smaller banty eggs, but now
I'm sure ;-)

And, the goslings are, as usual up to no good. I figured it was just a
couple of them escaping- they look so much alike it's hard to tell,
and I was going to mark them to find out. Nope- all 4 of the little
dears got out of the playpen. Didn't go very far- were all of 3 ft
from it, sitting in the shade or the sun, as they preferred. but so
help me when I came out and "caught" them, they were laughing at me.
Idjit birds ;-)

On 5/7/07, Micaylah <dy018 at ncf.ca> wrote:
> > Glad I got involved with them. They're infinitely entertaining. And, I
> > just found out that another breed of goose I've had my eyes on may be
> > period as well. They're called Sebastopols, and they look like a goose
> > that got caught in a windstorm- here's a picture ;-)
> >
> > http://www.metzerfarms.com/sebast.htm
> Wow, those are some way cool birds Phlip! They would be a nice addition.
> I love birds and totally enjoy your updates. Imo, all birds are entertaining
> in some fashion or other. So thanks for these.
> Micaylah

Saint Phlip

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