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Yes, you must clean it by hand.  Submerging the stick in some soapy water
and giving it a quick 'whiz' will take care of most of it.  

The new Viking stick blenders have a detachable motor so you can clean the
attachments, a cool 120 dollars for the basic stick, plus 30 odd bucks for
various attachments.  

Clean your nice free Cuisinart by hand and be happy :)
A BIG fan of Freecycle 

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I just scored a Cuisinart stick blender on Freecycle. It is dirty and  
needs to be cleaned up but it appears to be one solid piece from the  
blade to the cord... nothing seems to come apart. Is there a trick to  
taking it apart? Am I doomed to cleaning it always by hand?

Thanks for any suggestions.
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