[Sca-cooks] flapjack question

Johnna Holloway johnna at sitka.engin.umich.edu
Thu May 10 12:28:57 PDT 2007

There's a recipe here for Whole Oat Flapjacks
In some modern versions these look like baked granola bars, complete 
with chocolate chips.
I suspect the medieval ancestor might be an oatcake, although those weren't
sweetened. I suspect the oven baking came much later.


Pixel, Goddess and Queen wrote:
> While in England last week my consort introduced me to "proper English 
> flapjack" which is apparently oats, butter, and sweetener, cooked together 
> briefly and then baked.
> Our annual event out in the Black Hills is next weekend, and he wants to 
> bring some, but we're doing a period camp, so it has to be documentable.
> I don't know of anything like it in the 13th-15th c. corpus, but I don't 
> know the later stuff at all to say yea or nay. Does anyone have a 
> direction to point me in?
> Thanks, Margaret FitzWilliam

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