[Sca-cooks] Cold soup recipe needed

Laura C. Minnick lcm at jeffnet.org
Thu May 10 21:22:13 PDT 2007

Well, it doesn't suggest it, but I'd bet this one could be served cold:

Two Fifteenth Century Cookery Books

Take grene pesyn, and boile hem in a potte; And whan they ben 
y-broke, drawe the broth a good quantite thorgh a streynour into a 
potte, And sitte hit on the fire; and take oynons and parcelly, and 
hewe hem small togidre, And caste hem thereto; And take pouder of 
Canell and peper, and caste thereto, and lete boile; And take vynegur 
and pouder of ginger, and caste thereto; And then take Saffron and 
salte, a litull quantite, and caste thereto; And take faire peces of 
paynmain, or elles of such tendur brede, and kutte hit yn fere 
mosselles, and caste there-to; And then serue hit so forth.

I make it in camp frequently- it's easy to make and even 
Vegan-friendly. Lots of onions. Yum!

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