[Sca-cooks] Packing from the Nimatnama

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Tue May 15 21:06:39 PDT 2007

I've been going through the Nimatnama (1495-1505), and here are a few 
selected items it recommends for hunting.  Sounds like a pretty good 
packing list.

Take plenty of water, provisions, rosewater and camphor...
also female champions clad in armour and girt with swords...
Take medicine... and all kinds of remedies...
Take flowers and palanquins, with slave girls as palanquin bearers...
Take musical instruments and singers of songs...
Put camphor in shoes and fasten them up...
Take along the likeness of the beautiful beloved.  Drink from hunting cups. 
Agreeable women should come...
Take along a goatskin to put under the feet.
In order to be able to tell the time, take along the wheel of an astrolabe.
Take eminently brave men.
Take small curtains,
take a sickle for use wherever it might be required,
take a parasol to provide shade,
Take a rug, a chair pillow, and a pusteen (fur jacket)...
Take sharpeners
There must be a traveling bath and readily available hot water
Take along stones and flints to light fires
Take beds and bedding and oil
Take fish hooks and tackle
Take along arrows, crossbows, swords, daggers,
wax cloth, protection for light rain... lamps
Take along chairs and juice and water and wine and potherbs
Do not go near a village that has small chieftains, as it will be fortified
Take a traveling throne
Take basket of silver, hollow bamboo or needles, armlets, and beds
Fold the bedding and make into a bundle
Put shops in the hunting jungle and organize goods and the 
manufacture of everything
Organize.. purchasing milk... and the buying of food
Fill empty skins with millet straw and use them as floating mattresses
Take mattresses
Fill a gourd with water in order to make the water cold
Do not urinate near the place where wounded wolves may have fallen!!!
Do not go out in wind and lightning.
Take food for the royal court, galingale, cubebs, date sugar, cassia, 
round pepper, pepper,
water skins, large baskets, fine linen cloth, large kettledrums, 
straight trumpets, and round trumpets.
potherbs of all kinds, vessels of ghee and vegetable oil, rice, mung
Put skewers everywhere, so they are readily available when required 
and can be brought out and food cooked.
Put goatskins of water before him and provide him with shade.
Take sewing thread, thread for clothes
a net for catching fish
belts... suitable clothes

Rani (Ranvaig)

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