[Sca-cooks] Packing from the Nimatnama

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Thu May 17 20:29:39 PDT 2007

On May 17, 2007, at 12:14 PM, Susan Fox wrote:

>> At least you never had to deal with the combination of that first
>> name with the surname of "Wong", and the inevitable consequences.
> Holy Moly.  No wonder she married someone with NO chance of having a
> similar surname.

Funny... I actually was acquainted, as a teenager, with a young lady  
whose ancestry was pretty clearly Chinese, but whose surname was  
Troy. It had probably been Choy at one time, and I suspect someone  
misunderstood at Ellis Island or something.

But then, it turns out that my grandfather had not been named Troy,  
either: at the height of the pre-WWI anti-German hysteria in the US,  
he apparently used some sort of fake ID to enter the US Navy under  
the name of one of the neighbors in an apartment house he lived in  
downtown Manhattan. When he was discharged, he was John Troy and had  
the papers from the US Government to prove it.

> When I was married, I was a herald named Fox-Davis, a joke inside the
> SCA College of Arms and pretty much noplace else.

Well, I get it. I think we've got two copies... ;-)

>   Now that I'm on the
> market again, I'm just wary of guys named Hunter.  <grin>  OH and  
> there
> is another member of the SCA named Susan Fox, but she's in another
> kingdom and we have very different SCA names.  I'm on an e-list  
> with her
> husband and it makes him blink twice when I post.  <grin again>
> Meanwhile, back at the topic... hooboy it's past time to start  
> shopping
> for Potrero War.  First on the list is a couple of replacement  
> poles for
> the ones that crumpled in the Estrella Gales.  And then some various
> dried protein products from the Chinese store.  Master A, what do you
> recommend?  I don't know a THING in that range but I respect your  
> taste
> and I seem to recall a quip a while back about dried squid as a movie
> snack.  Bwahaha.

I was always partial to the fruit-sweetened jerkies of pork, beef,  
and on one occasion, turtle. And even the dried squid (if you get the  
seasoned kind meant to be eaten as is -- there are also dried squid  
and cuttlefish that have to be heavily processed before you can eat  
them -- the dried squid I'm talking about looks a little like it's  
been beaten with a hammer to tease the fibers apart. And I'm not  
kidding that these have been known to be movie-theater concession- 
stand snacks...

What _else_ would you eat when watching a really cheesy, gory kung-fu  
movie??? My wife was especially fond of a Shaw Brothers series about  
a valiant young peasant lady who kept knives concealed in her hair,  
and tied into these really long braids... but then, she's distantly  
related to Wong fei-hung, so what can you expect?

Adamantius (unrepentant Iron Monkey fan)

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