[Sca-cooks] Chicken question

Kathleen Madsen kmadsen12000 at yahoo.com
Fri May 18 06:12:19 PDT 2007

Phlip, I'm really enjoying your posts on the ducks,
geese, and chickens.  I do, however, have a question. 
Do chickens really smell as bad as I remember?  I only
survived two afternoons of egg collecting for our
landlady in the German village we lived in when I was
a child.  Granted, she had a few thousand birds in one
place so the smell was rather intense.  Lord, I can
*still* smell it today.  I'd like to have a couple of
chickens myself but if they have that smell I just
won't be able to go near them.  Are there some
chickens that smell more than others?  Can I ever get
around my smell issue?  My husband says I need
therapy.  ;)


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